meet shauna.

I have learnt all of my life lessons living in an attic of a house just off the Portobello Road. The hustle and bustle of the market and diversity of cultures in this area of London have inspired my interest in food and demonstrated what food can mean to people.


My first hand experience of following a dairy free diet over a number of years led me to recognise that something was missing from the food market. As someone who would always choose a dessert over a starter and sweet over savoury, I was disappointed by the availability of good dairy free sweet options when dining out. From this, I wanted to create a brand that produced real authentic substitutes for desserts containing dairy.


I am lucky enough to be able to work so closely with my mum Marie and her 30 years of experience working in Nutrition and Dietetics has been invaluable throughout this journey. 

At every pop up, market or exhibition, she is by my side proudly representing the Portobello Attic. Marie is a key person behind the Portobello Attic, she is backbone of the business. 

Following the sudden loss of my dad 4 years ago, we have turned our loss and sadness into a positive journey.


The Portobello Attic was an organic product of our experience. 


What are the Portobello Attic's  values and ethos?

Inclusion, the Portobello Attic’s cheesecake is for everyone. Those who have food intolerances, dietary requirement, ethical values and for those who just love the taste of cheesecake.


How sustainable is the portobello attic?

By producing a dairy free product with gluten free and vegan options, we are contributing to a growing industry, which focuses on preserving our resources and finding alternative ways of producing good food.


We support the need for a reduction in plastic and the importance of recycling. At present we are working on replacing our retail packaging with a sustainable alternative which also maintains the quality of the product. 

We only use ingredients which are either palm oil free or prove to be extracting palm oil sustainably. 


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